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    *Terms & Conditions for special online offers

    Terms and Conditions for Zero Cost EMI

    The following terms and conditions apply to Zero cost equated monthly installment (" EMI") transactions using EMI facility as a payment option (" XTouch EMI Scheme") and you are agreeing to and accept the terms and conditions set out herein:

    • The XTouch EMI facility is being offered to the customers who make a purchase transaction on www.xtouchdevice.com and fall under the criteria mentioned.
    • The No Cost EMI facility is made available on all XTouch products, as determined from time to time.
    • Using the XTouch EMI payment option, the customers who undertake the purchase transactions on xtouchdevice.com, will only pay amounts such that the total of these amounts during the EMI tenure is equal to the list price of the products as displayed on xtouchdevice.com (at the time of making the purchase transactions).
    • To avail the XTouch EMI facility, customers must place an order with only one eligible item added to the cart. The Zero Cost EMI payment option cannot be used with multiple items (including multiple eligible items) in the cart.
    • XTouchdevice.com customers are not bound in any way to participate in this program. Any such participation is voluntary and subject to the terms and conditions set out herewith.
    • Customers may avail the XTouch EMI facility, provided that:

      1. The order is not cancelied by the customer or
      2. The product is not returned/exchanged by the customer.
      3. The customer falls in any of the 2 criteria mentioned
    • The EMI facility is made available to the customers by and in the sole discretion of Xtouchdevice.com
    • The terms and conditions of offer may be altered, amended or changed by Xtouchdevice.com at its sole option and discretion at any time without affecting the bookings already done.
    • Xtouchdevice.com reserves the right to stop Zero Cost EMI payment option at any time without prior notice and without any liability
    • You may be charged VAT tax or other applicable taxes as per the Federal Decree-Law No. (8) of 2017.
    • You are obliged in the event you fail to make payments of EMI on time, there may be penalties which may be levied by XTOUCH, and you shall be solely liable for such additional penalties, if any.
    • Non-Payment:
      In the event of Non-Payment,
      Upon the occurrence of any Event of Default, and after the applicable grace period, if any, all of the payment obligations of Xtouchdevice, howsoever evidenced, now existing or hereafter arising, shall become due with immediate effect
    • All and any disputes or differences arising from the Offer shall be subject to arbitration within the meaning of the UAE Laws. The award of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on the disputing parties. The place of arbitration shall be United Arab Emirates.

    Documents Required:

    General Case:
    EID No./Copy of the person accepting delivery/any id. 

    10% Discount: 
    EID No./Copy
    Student id / [Labour Card/Payslip]

    EMI Scheme:
    EID Copy
    Passport Copy [Front and Back page]
    Visa Copy- 6 months validity 
    Student id /(Labour Card/Payslip)